Welcome to Chapman & Nelson in Bloomington, Indiana

At Chapman and Nelson, P.C., we know that you expect professional, efficient and fair representation. We have over 76 years of combined experience in criminal law, family law, juvenile law and mediation to assist you with all of your legal needs and questions. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

 Chapman and Nelson, P.C. was formed by Ronald Chapman and Susan Nelson in 2000. The offices are located at 205 North College Avenue, Graham Plaza, Suite 212 in Bloomington, Indiana.

The attorneys at Chapman & Nelson, P.C. concentrate our practice in criminal lawfamily law, juvenile law, and mediation.

Legal challenges are increasingly becoming more complex with new statutes and restrictions among various jurisdictions. Chapman and Nelson are experts with dedication to the criminal law client.

The nature of family law fluctuates with society’s norms. No matter what your social or economic status, we can protect and ensure tranquility and fight to maintain your spousal, custodial or property rights.


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